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We can help you plan your design, select the equipment, and fully install and service your system, giving you a perfect Air Conditioning solution. With a wide choice of equipment to suit all budgets and requirements, you can rely on LF Air Conditioning Refrigeration to provide a solution for all your air-con needs in Hereford. We also repair air-con units that do not have a maintenance contract with us, call us today on 07811 404 885 if you have a broken down or faulty air-con unit.

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Here is a selection of our services:

  • Ducted Units
  • Wall Mounted units
  • Cassette Units
  • Floor Standing / Ceiling Mounted Units
  • Multi Split Systems
  • VRV/VRF Systems

We use all the major manufacturers of air conditioning systems which allows us to always specify the best equipment for your needs and budget

It pays in so many ways to have reliable and efficient commercial air-conditioning. The right service can stand your business in excellent stead whether you own multiple properties, offices, or are simply responsible for the morale of employees!

People are happier and more productive in a comfortable working environment, which means reduced absenteeism and fewer complaints about the temperature during our notoriously unpredictable British seasons. Visitors and customers on your premises can focus on your company, services or products which means doing business is a lot more pleasant. Your energy costs are reduced and stabilised so that your bills create less of a financial headache for the Accounts Department. LF Air Conditioning Refrigeration delivers expert commercial air-conditioning for any environment because we have experience in every sector whether you are a sole trader or an industry leader.

Most people instinctively associate the term ‘air conditioning’ with cooling, however, today’s home air conditioning systems also heat through the use of highly efficient heat-pump technology and provide an effective level of air filtration. In turn, bedrooms, conservatories and loft conversions that are typically too hot in the summer and difficult to keep warm in the winter, can be enjoyed at a constant level of comfort throughout the entire year.

Home air conditioning is now firmly on the ‘Wish List’ of many homeowners in the UK.  Our climate is undoubtedly becoming warmer each year, and most of us have quickly become accustomed to the comfort of our air-conditioned cars and places of work. We have all had restless sleep during those summer nights, with the windows wide open because of the heat, and traffic noise keeping us awake…well that doesn’t have to be the case.

We have been installing home air conditioning systems since 2014. Our expertise in this field has resulted in an unrivaled understanding of the precise requirements of this market in Herefordshire, from initial design considerations, through to our friendly after-sales care.

When you were a child, the last few weeks of the school year always felt like the longest days of your life. Not only were you excited for summer holidays to begin, but you had to deal with classrooms that felt more like a sauna, or with the British summer a freezer. Yes, you stayed a bit cooler by making a fan out of paper or warmer by having a few extra layers on, but either way, you would still sweat the entire day. In fact, classroom environment affects a student’s learning process by as much as 25%. This is why air conditioning is essential for schools. Here are some more reasons why a temperature controlled classroom benefits learning:

“A” for Air Quality

Students exposed to air toxicants can dramatically decrease grades, they also create health problems, which can lead to students missing valuable class time. Air conditioning helps control the air quality of a classroom, so it’s vital to not only have air conditioning in a classroom to regulate the temperature and filter the air, but also ensure that you replace your air conditioning filters frequently to ensure maximum performance of your unit.

Exam Scores Drop

A study in the United States of 4.5 million New York City high school exit exams illustrates that higher classroom temperatures create a 12.3% higher likelihood of failing a subject exam and a 2.5% lower likelihood of graduating on-time. One reason why is because mistakes increase exponentially in an overheated environment. In a hot classroom, problem-solving skills are performed carelessly.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning in Schools

According to another study, when a classroom is too warm or cold, the brain doesn’t focus on learning. Instead, it is trying to solve how to get the body to cool down or warm up. How can students learn when their mind is focusing on something else?

In order to make sure students are getting the most out of their education, schools should have air conditioning in every classroom to optimize learning. Luckily, LF Air Conditioning Refrigeration handles commercial and residential airconditioning needs. LF Air Conditioning Refrigeration can install, perform maintenance, and replace air conditioning units to make sure all your home and commercial cooling needs are met.

Tip: While schools look to benefit from the use of portable air conditioning systems that are convenient in a variety of spaces, portable units may only serve a portion of the school. Instead, an air conditioning system for the entire school should be considered to keep pupils’ temperatures stable throughout the day.

Call LF Air Conditioning Refrigeration today 07811 404 885 to have your school’s air conditioning needs taken care of. LF Air Conditioning Refrigeration does the job right the first time, so your students can focus on learning instead of the heat.

Keeping the heat and costs down
Many schools fear that they cannot keep up with the expenses that come with air conditioning units. However, this is not necessarily the case. The use of deducted air conditioners not only cuts down the cost but also cool rooms at different intervals from a single point. By switching off these air conditioners in places that have already cooled, or are not in use, schools can cut down costs and maintain a comfortable learning environment concurrently.

Air conditioning in schools comes with several welcome benefits. Although a few schools in the UK have adopted and are enjoying the benefits of a more comfortable learning environment, others have yet to reap the benefits.

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